Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to Passing Your Driver’s Licence

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6 Steps To Passing Your Driver’s Licence the First Time


1. Practice Makes Perfect

Feeling comfortable behind the wheel is the best way to prepare for your driver’s licence. Make sure that you have been for enough lessons and spent enough time driving that it becomes second nature to you and you can focus on doing the extra requirements like checking your mirrors and blind spot.


2. Use Empty Car Parks

When you are just starting out, car parks are an excellent place to practise. You don’t need to worry about other cars when you’re learning and you have enough space if you panic and need a moment to get back in control.


3. Practise Your Parking

You need to be very comfortable with parallel parking, it’s one of the first things that will be tested. If you know that you can get this part of the exam right, it will make you feel  confident for the rest of the skills that will be looked at during your driver’s test and you will feel less nervous.


4. Drive Around The Area

It’s common sense that you will be tested on roads that are near to your testing site for your drier’s licence. If you can, spend some time driving around the area – make sure that you check speed limits, road signs and potential hazards. If you are comfortable with what you can expect it will make it easier for you to pass the test.


5. Use A Familiar Vehicle

It is much easier to pass in a car that you know well. Being in a familiar car will mean that you know which side the indicators and wipers are on. It will also help with parallel parking as you have a better understanding of the dimensions of the vehicle.


6. Pack Your Documents

Get everything ready the night before your driver’s licence test and put your documents by the front door. Before you leave the house, check through your documents to make sure that you have everything that you need.

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